Hiatus Announcement

So. Yep. You read that right. Today, I’ll be talking about my spring plans and some other things before disappearing into the dark side.

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Hello friends! This is just a quick post to announce that I will be taking a small hiatus.

I’ll also be using this time to focus on:

  • Schoolwork. Yeah so 2020 me who said online school would be a breeze was VERY WRONG mistaken.
  • Writing. I need some time to start first drafts finish outlines and short story entries-all that good stuff. I also might try Camp NaNoWriMo? We shall see.
  • Reading. I always manage to read, so this isn’t really a goal but still. *Shrugs nonchalantly*
  • Music. I probably need to practice more so that’ll be fun.

However ( can’t get rid of me that easy) I’m planning to return at the end of April , or at least before summer starts.

So thank you so so much for understanding, and until then…

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